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NUNCHAKU (NUNTYAKU) is a traditional shock-shattering cold steel in the countries of Southeast Asia, China and Japan.


The Karate Federation of Narayana for the first time in Moscow introduced the teaching of nunchaku as an independent type of martial art.

Since the nunchaku technique assumes the possession of protective and attacking karate techniques, weekly stretches are given to stretching, warm-up and learning the basic techniques of karate (the first hour of the session). The second hour is fully dedicated to the nunchaku - ways to retain the nunchaku, release from captures, defense against an armed opponent, attacking combat elements, various strikes, interceptions and rotations. Preparation for karate is not necessary. Depending on the level of the practitioner, the nunchaku can be made of cloth (on a rope), or a tree (on a chain). Buy two pairs at a time. In the classroom you should take a kimono or sports uniform, slates (walk to the hall), training nunchaku (for starters), optional helmet. Come to the hall better in advance, in time to warm up and warm up.

 Highly effective application of nunchaku requires special training and long classes, but in the end you can not only carry out the attack and defense by striking, but also to strangle the opponent or infringe on his limbs. In addition, the nunchaku classes perfectly develop coordination, promote concentration of attention, strengthen the hands and shoulder joints. A person who owns a nunchaku can effectively use any improvised items - umbrella, stick, rope, keys on a chain, without any preliminary preparation, as self-defense.


On December 16, 2007, within the framework of the 5th Open Narayan Karate Tournament and on May 25, 2008, in the framework of the 6th Open Narayan Karate Tournament, the nunchaku-kumite competition was held, attended by newcomers practicing in the nunchaku group for six months, previously never engaged in nunchaku. Video from the competition can be viewed here . Time to study in the schedule





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